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Teaching rooted in educational values that are universal and aim to empower the youth to fulfill their unique and highest potential.


The Playroom: Alternative Therapy Center for Children, is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving critical thinking and comprehensive educational development through shared learning and life experience of all children. We believe that children from all walks of life should have opportunities to discover who they are and realize their full potential. We welcome you and embrace you.  

Our Team

Laurice Clark

Laurice Clark has dedicated her life to serving others. As a single mother of 5 children she worked hard to build a company in helping underserved families in the community, along with serving in a nonprofit food mission as well as being a caregiver. 

Crystal Clark-Madrigal

Director/BA / Emphasis ECE

Raine Clark

Licensed Nurse

Graduated CSUN with a degree in Theatre and an emphasis in Early Childcare Education. An educator with 15+ years experience. She appreciates the combining of Theatrical Arts and Education. She enjoys teaching children academically socially  and morally. In her leisure time she loves Skate boarding and hanging outdoors with her husband and son.

An Enthusiastic Healthcare professional with 15 years experience in Long Term, Healthcare specializing in developmentally disabled children. Establishing constructive and Healthy Relationships, between both patients and their families makes her a great Benefit to The Playroom. She enjoys spending time with her three boys and feeding the homeless in the Community. 

Carmale Clark-Beridon

Founder of CCBTalents / Advocate for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and Volunteer for Habitat 4 Humanity (SFV/SCV areas). Enjoys traveling with my family, counseling kids to become Future Business Leaders of America.

Kaylene Clark
Behavior Therapist/Educator

Kaylene Clark is a Passionate teacher with 20+ years experience. Devoted to teaching, and directing children of all ages. ABA certified, Specializes in the care of children with Autism and special needs. She enjoys working in the children's ministry as well as spending time with her 2 grandchildren. 

Our Mission


To Educate our youth Mentally, Culturally and 

Academically through the Arts, Technology, and Leadership Development.

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